Animal Healing
Situations for this type of treatment could include (continued from previous page):
  • Physical findings could include:
  • A head tilt creating an imbalance when walking or running
  • A stiff back upon any movement evidenced by a limp when walking or the inability to get up or roll over
  • A spine with a sway back, a bowed out leg
  • Having to turn their whole body to respond to a movement instead of just their head or body part
  • When sitting down or standing they transition their weight from one side to the other.
  • Visible muscle tension throughout the body
  • A visible reaction from a touch at a particular point resulting in a skin reaction\
  • A cat pulling the hair out of their back at a certain point
After a complete examination including palpation of the spine, extremities, observing the movement (gait) patterns and sensing the general overall being of the animal. When a subluxation is found the doctor performs a gentle adjustment, mobilizing and freeing the joint while restoring the nerve energy flow. This is followed by massage therapy to reeducate and relax the muscle attachments in that affected area. Additional home care recommendations are a given which aid in sustaining the effects from the adjust and massage therapy given. See for more information.

Prices vary depending on length of visits, amount of disciplines required, and other factors. I am always willing to work with anyone on price as my desire is to support the animal in their healing and the owner with its cost. Donations are accepted for the VOM technique requirements.

If you're interested in learning more about Animal Healing, please contact me.

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