Animal Healing
As with humans, the same can be applied to animals; in animals every bone has two opposing muscles attached to it and every muscle is sensitive to three basic issues. Number one -when a bone impinges a nerve decreasing the amount of energy that runs through it i.e. what we call a subluxation. Number two - a nutritional deficiency and number three- an emotional issue. The effects of one of these issues or two or even all three together will create a decrease in the vital life flow within the animal. Healing treatments begin with emotional work. Self testing is applied in most aspects of this treatment protocol. Self testing is the doctor or healer testing them self while holding the animalís energy and asking questions for/of that being. When dealing with animals and their emotions it is one of the best ways to heal them.

The first discipline used is Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.). This technique is based on the fact that our spines and organs have emotional components/meanings to them. When these organs and spinal levels have an imbalance due to an emotional issue, the whole body is affected. The organ or muscle isnít working at its full capabilities. And this can be seen in the animal in numerous ways. Limping along, uneven striding, barking at every little thing, biting at their fur, liver or kidney issues, etc. All these issues can be emotional related. See for more information about this technique.

Bach Flowers for Oscar The second discipline performed is applying Bach Flower remedies. Again using the above described self testing along with the definitions of each Bach Flower remedy, the healer can pinpoint which remedy is appropriate for your animal. See and for more information. For combinations of Bach Flowers, visit

The third discipline performed is a nutritional checkup. Does the animal require anymore protein, fats, or carbohydrates? Added vitamins or minerals or essential fatty acids? Having studied nutrition for over 10 years and having worked in the nutrition industry for over two years, my knowledge base is good and consistently growing. See for more information.

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