Bach Flower Essences
Bach Flowers Treatments Bach flower remedies are dilutions of flower "essences" developed by Dr. Edward Bach. They are similar to homeopathy in many respects and form a part of alternative medicine. Some researchers believe that they exert their claimed effects via the placebo effect, however practitioners feel the "energetic signature" of the flower can be transmitted to the user and affect a person's psychological state.

One difference between homeopathy and Bach flower remedies are the "potentization" methods used to produce the remedies, Flower remedies are produced using the sun method or, for the hardier plants, the boiling method. Both these methods were invented by Bach. Another key difference is that Bach remedies are only used to treat the mental symptoms believed by practitioners to be the root cause of the many diseases. Bach flower remedies are not dependent on the theory of successive dilutions, and are not based on the Law of Similars. The Bach Remedies are all derived from non-toxic substances, with the idea that a "positive energy" can redirect or neutralize "negative energy".

There are thirty-eight original Bach remedies plus "Rescue RemedyTM", each prescribed for certain mental and emotional problems. They form a complete system with which practitioners treat every variety of human emotional imbalance. Other systems of remedies have been developed by practitioners who have access to flowers that are indigenous to other regions, and that were therefore unknown to Bach.

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