Dr. Daniel S. Helm

Vacation Relief Services
I will bring my professional attitude into your office and treat your patients. What I offer is over 10 years of Chiropractic experience. I ran my own office both overseas, in Australia, and stateside, in San Diego, California for years. Additionally my experience also comes with over 5 years of locuming/vacation relief service experience. I started locuming in Australia for 3 different practitioners in 1998. I enjoyed the work and when I returned to the states after running my own practice for a couple of years decided to create a vacation relief service business. I started this in the summer of 2002. My services are available statewide, nationwide, and worldwide.

I offer discounts for "first time" practitioners using my services, also long term vacation relief work. Then in the future my full charges will apply. Also as a free service to new practitioners, I come into your office on a regular work day and spend time with you, following you around learning your routine. I do this for two reasons number #1 I find that when your patients know who I am, your patient retention while you are away is greater and number #2 - knowing your routine I can emulate it exactly.

Rates start at $82.50 per hour plus expenses. The starting rate* is based on a full day of 58 or less daily patient visits treated. For every 20 additional patient visits treated add another $45 to the total cost of the day. So an increase of $45 from added from 59 to 78, 79 to 98, etc. My daily rate minimums are $483 full day and $299 half day plus travel and other expenses. For example a 7 hour day with 40 patients runs $546.50 plus expenses. A 7 hour day where 65 patients are treated is $586.50. Transportation costs (i.e. gas, travel time to and from your practice) are assessed on both full and half day rates. Additional costs include food, lodging, etc. Additional costs start at $25 locally and move up from there. Accommodations are required when traveling over 1.5 hour out of my home area. When accommodations are required, a $65 per night charge will be added.

*Rates are adjustable depending on factors listed above at the doctors discretion.

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