Dr. Daniel S. Helm

Starting at a very young age of 4, swimming in the summer recreation program was a blast. I learned much about traveling the distance of one lap and how to do this without stopping every couple of breaths. Due to our family’s interest in swimming year around, we created an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) (later United States Swimming) swim team in the area. Swimming in AAU meets for years took me all over the western states. Later came high school swimming and with it a couple of high school records. And finally after many years of triathlons I decided to swim again competitively. In my mid twenty’s I walked on at UC Davis. It was fantastic experience.

Cross Country running started in the 3rd grade at Camino Elementary School. It continued throughout my elementary school education. There were many out of state competitions and county championships. In eighth grade I qualified and competed in the AAU Cross Country age group Nationals. Cross Country running continued throughout my high school years. During my freshman year our AAU team qualified and competed at the AAU Cross Country Age Group Nationals. And during my sophomore year, our high school team qualified and placed 3rd in the Northern California Cross County Championships against schools of all sizes. I also competed in Track during my freshman and sophomore years qualifying at the sub-section and section levels.

A quick season of College rowing occurred my freshman year at San Diego State University. We qualified for the state collegiate rowing championships and a great season.

In the late 70’s a sport was created called triathlons. Due to my athletic back ground I decided to give them a go. Travel, fun, confidence, and success were discovered competing in them. Distances started with the sprint distance, later the Olympic, then the half Ironman and finally throughout the years Ironman events were participated in. Australia, Canada, California, Hawaii, and Idaho are just a few of the countries and states were triathlons have taken me. And I have met many fantastic people along the way.

All of this athletic experience has given me an affinity for athletes. I am very aware of what athletes require to stay in peak physical condition. Click here to see just a few of the athletes that I've worked on.

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