Some of the nutritional products I recommend. Growing up participating in athletics of all types, nutrition was always an important part of the competition aspect. I went to a Chiropractor in my youth who gave me lots of advice regarding nutrition supplements that would heal and support the body. Knowing that this was something that could support my body I began my journey down this path. With my curiosity I began reading books, magazines, listening to tapes and others about nutrition. Entering Chiropractic College my focus was on Kinesiology, a discipline that includes structural, emotional, and nutritional healings. The body is viewed as one big organ incased in skin, everything affect's everything. With this in mind, nutrition affects every organ and muscle in the body. And it was found that certain nutritional supplements work with a particular group of muscles or organs. From this knowledge specialized nutritional companies producing products for health care providers where founded, Standard Process, Biotics, Nutri-West, etc. And then there are many nutritional companies producing supplements for the general public over the counter. Which one or ones will be the best for your body? That is the benefit of muscle testing; all nutrition can be checked with the body for its effectiveness.

My nutritional education continued as I worked in San Diego. While building my business I worked in the nutrition department of Henry's, an organic grocery store chain owned by Wild Oats. Wild Oats is the largest organic grocery store chain in the U.S. I educated customers about vitamin, mineral, homeopathic, and Bach remedies, while continuing my own education within the nutritional field. It was a fantastic experience. Today I am continuing my education by reading, researching, and studying nutritional materials. Lately I have taken nutritional lectures for my continuing education credits.

Currently I offer nutritional consultations at the rate of $150 per hour. There are detailed regarding which supplements will work the best for a particular body. How many to take, how often to take, and for how long to take.

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