Animal Healing
The fourth discipline performed is the use of homeopathic remedies. Homeopathics are based on the belief system of like cures like. So when an animal gets a cold instead of bearing it with a cold medicine type of product, the animal takes something made from a plant, animal, or mineral which is all safe and natural, which works with the body to expel the cold quicker. Homeopathics work on a mental, emotional, and physical level healing all aspects of the body. See

Oscar gets an adjustment The final discipline performed is Veterinary orthopedic manipulation (V.O.M. Technique). The V.O.M. technique was founded by Dr. Bill Inman a veterinary. He was performing surgeries of all types on many different kinds of animals and the animals weren’t getting any better. He became very frustrated with his results and finally he came to a point where he decided to change his ways. Along with the help from a Chiropractor he developed a technique of adjusting animals. Its based on the human definition of Chiropractic and how a bone on a nerve i.e. a subluxation, does cause a decrease in energy flow to that particular nerve supplying area. Additionally he implements using muscle releasing techniques to relax and reeducate the muscles as well. The results he has gotten as well other VOM practitioners have been amazing.

Situations for this type of treatment could include:
  • Loss of balance while running or walking
  • Getting hit by a car or other instrument.
  • Falling off a porch or down the stairs
  • Animals that like to grab their leashes and whip their heads back and forth.
  • Playing very aggressively with others
  • Changes in behavior going from active to passive or lethargic.
  • Changes in personalities going from happy and peaceful to angry and nervous
  • Unable to stand up or climb up stairs
  • Having to move their whole bodies around to look or react to something instead of just their necks.
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